Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Summer is Finally Here!

Well, a lot has happened since I blogged last.  We have had more visitors and got to do some more sight seeing. We have loved every minute of it. It has given us the opportunity to go to the city many more times than we probably would have minus the company. The kids have wrapped up the school year.  We have been to more social events with neighbors and friends.  Living life and enjoying it!
I finally got my BAYOUGRL licence plates in the mail. I am so proud.  BAYOUGRL was not taken.  WHODAT was,  LSUTIGR was.  I think BAYOUGRL is perfect!  I felt really uncomfortable driving around with the Georgia plates. I just new the horn blowing and cutting me off had something to do with them.  Southerners do tend to move a little slower than northerners.  That holds true with me except for my driving. I fit right in up here.
Speaking of the south and the bayou, we had quite the experience grilling shrimp.  I bought them from the freezer section at the grocery store.  They were from Guatemala.  They all ended up in the trash.  There's nothing like Boogie Shrimp.
Today is the second day of summer break for the girls.  They enjoyed sleeping in, in fact they are still in their pajamas.  I LOVE the schools here.  The teachers and staff did such a great job making them feel welcome and a part of the group.  The focus of the school is friendship.  They really emphasize caring and kindness. They were sad to see the year end, even after 11 months of education.  They started in Georgia at the beginning of August.  Education never hurt anybody, right?
Have I mentioned we have the best landlord anyone could ask for?  She took me last week to the nursery to buy plants for our yard.  Saturday she had me over for a cooking lesson (she's Italian). I learned how to make "sauce".  I had another lesson yesterday on how to make Pasta Fagioli. It was awesome. She wants to learn how to cook some New Orleans dishes. I'll leave that to Dave. He is a great cook.  She was supposed to move to Florida after moving out of this house, but has been staying across the street with her daughter and son-in-law.
I have been doing a lot of baking, though.  Since I have been baking a lot, that also means I have been eating a lot.  Ugh!  Check out Our Best Bites blog.  I am in love. I also bought their cookbook.
I figured that I should try to make friends.  I joined the Somers Newcomers and Neighbors club.  They have interest groups that meet on anything like cooking, sewing, gardening, etc.  They encourage you to create your own group if nothing seems to interest you. So, I thought, I really like to craft, maybe other people in Somers do too. I held a meeting and we had a grand total of 3 of us. Me, my sweet supportive friend (she does not even like crafts) and one other crafter.  It was pitiful.  Hey, I tried!
Julia was in a drama camp that met once a week. She loved it. I think we found something that she truly loves and this gives her the opportunity to do and say things she would not normally do or say.  She can kind of be a different kid for a couple of hours.  They will have some workshops this summer she will participate in.
The weather here has been unbelievably gorgeous!!! The high for this week is 81*.   The other day I wore a jacket out. Jealous? lol
I have been to the city and have taken the subway (by myself).  The subway can be quite confusing, smelly and scary all rolled into one.  Dave is still loving his job and getting to do and experience some pretty cool things in the city and out.
Living away from family and friends can be difficult for a multitude of reasons.  Missing birthdays, graduations, weddings to name a few is hard.  Thank goodness for facebook!  We get to share pictures with a few clicks.  Last week, I had to miss a funeral of a dear friend in Woodstock. I hated to not be there to pay my respects.  Life was cut too short for her. It is heartbreaking.
Well, I miss you all.  We will be spending some time this summer in Daphne, AL and New Orleans, La.  Hope to see some of you!