Monday, May 28, 2012

So Close I Can Taste It

Summer is just around the corner. This was our first really hot weekend. I was pleasantly surprised by how long our spring weather lasted. It was nice having the chilly mornings and nights. The girls were lucky enough to swim at a friend's house today for a Memorial Day cook out. We have had a busy weekend between yard work and parties. Back to reality tomorrow, but just for a couple more weeks anyway. School gets out mid-June here and let's back in mid- August.

We have been hosting 2 bunnies for the weekend. Milkshake and Hopper are their names (see picture).  I think naming them has brought on more attachment which will make letting them go harder. They drink water out of a barbie suitcase. We told the girls that they can keep them for a few days but they will have to be let go back to the wild. I think we may have to get a dog sooner than planned. They are animal lovers. Our fence is almost finished. Skipper would have really loved our yard. We miss him.

Thanks to all servicemen and women who have given up so much so that we can have so much. The ultimate sacrifice. Thanks to their families as well.