Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I Feel the Earth Move Under My Feet

I'm starting to think it's me. All in one year; record snow, record heat, an earthquake and a hurricane. Believe me, I can handle the heat, but the others combined with moving twice in one year are about to put me over the edge. We were in the basement having the house inspected in Maryland when the whole house started to shake. We ran out after the initial thought of "what in the hell is happening?". The trees and patio furniture continued to shake just as the earth did right under our feet. We realized shortly after the first rumble it was an earthquake but people in that area immediately thought terrorist attack. Then it occurred to us that if it is an earthquake and the epicenter is in the ocean and my kids are at the beach...oh no! Well, the phones were not getting cell service but we were able to text. It wasn't long before finding out that they felt it too but they were safe. Thank God. Then there's Irene. Knowing what my family and friends went through for "THE" storm, I will not complain too much about her. We just had our power restored tonight after 3 days of being without. Not having electricity is more tolerable than not having water. We use well water that is powered by a pump that uses electricity. So, that was probably the hardest part. But, it's over now! I really appreciate all of your thoughts and concern during and after the storm. Thanks to you all. I tracked the storm with the kids, something we always did as children. Listening to Nash giving you the coordinates. I have not been able to watch any of the hurricane coverage but I hear that Vermont did not fair well. We have plenty of trees down here. As for the beaches, I hate to think about the coastal erosion this has caused.
The girls and I will head down to Maryland Monday so they can start school Tuesday. We will stay for the week and come back to NY on the weekends and repeat until we close on the house and can move in. Our temporary living arrangements down there will be a hotel. Actually, we were starting to look forward to it. Even Julia said "at least the hotel will have electricity". Maggie also kept calling Hurricane Irene, Katrina. I think she thought "Katrina" was the general word for "hurricane". Well, our adventures will continue but I hope my next post will be less eventful. I'll keep you posted. Thanks for reading.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

On The Road Again

Well, I came to NY kicking and screaming and that's how I'll leave. I'm finally just grasping the idea of all of this. We should close on our house in Maryland in mid Sept. Until then, I will be living in a hotel with the children (when they start school) while Dave finishes work here in NY. We did the hotel thing when we moved here...not fun. Anyway, let's back up. Without going into too many details, Dave is taking a job with a distributor in D.C. Not as exciting as NY you say? I say that too. But, the good thing is this job is there and that's it and that's that. We will not be moving again. And that my friends, is a Good Thing. We will be living outside of Annapolis. Is that really where I want to plant roots? Not sure, mostly because all of this is happening really fast. I kind of have a bit of an attitude about this whole thing as you may be able to tell...but it's almost 1 in the morning and I had too much coffee tonight and can't sleep so that gives me a license to have an attitude (at this moment anyway...I have no excuse for the last month). There was plenty of other things I wanted to do here before leaving, but that's ok. I think for living here only 8 short months we did plenty. I'm grateful for that. Ok, now I'm being nice again. Seriously, Dave has had to put up with me moaning and groaning about this move. He's had a lot of patience with me. As for the girls, they are accepting it beautifully. I know the tears are not over, for none of us. They truly amaze me and I'm so blessed to be their mother. You know the saying "Everything happens for a reason". It holds true here too. We have met some beautiful people here in NY that I will never forget. I know we will remain friends as we move on to our next (and maybe final) destination. Ok, I don't want to get into all of that because I surely will cry...so I'm moving on.
My mother is here now. We went to NYC yesterday and visited 3 Flea markets, and swung by Times Square just for good measure. If you watch Discovery Channel's Dirty Money then you know about Hell's Kitchen Flea Market. We did not see Rat Boy or Jimmy or the other guy. I really don't remember their names. It was a fun time. Everyone is so hipster in NYC. I like people watching.
We just returned from our tour of the Gulf Coast, which is really where I'd like to settle one day. We had a great time getting to see family and friends in Alabama and Louisiana. Now it's time for me to focus on my very long to-do list. I've had little practice at moving so it shouldn't be too bad, right? Right. So, I'll have to change the name of this blog as I will no longer be in the "Big Apple". My sister- in-law suggested "Mrs. Stander Goes to Washington". It has a nice ring to it! I'll try to keep everyone posted on our journey. Stay tuned...