Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Mid July 2011

Today is the last day of Camp Kiki Wanna Kiki for the girls. They are so sad. I am going to try to show up early to take some pictures of them. I'm sure they will be embarrassed. Last week I held a piece of paper out of the window in the carpool line with their names on it. This mortified Maggie. She was pretty upset. I guess I need to start being more aware of how I act in front of them. They are getting at "that age".

Dave had some "work" in Montauk over the weekend. We did a pub crawl Saturday afternoon and then went to a nightclub that night. Montauk is on the very tip of Long Island. It was gorgeous. We watched the sunset and applauded and cheered as it dipped in the ocean (or bay, I forgot what side of LI we were on) from an old establishment called Montauket (see pic to the right). It is definitely deserving of applause. Simply stunning. The whole island was beautiful. There were old windmills. There also was an old light house we wanted to go into but ran out of time.  We passed Sag Harbor…which I thought was only a brand at K-mart. It is an actual place!  A special thank you to a sweet friend that took care of my girls for the weekend! 

For those of you that know my father, he was in a boating accident Sunday and hurt his hand pretty badly. He received 24 stitches total. He may lose part of his finger.  He has an appointment today with a hand surgeon. Please pray for his comfort and recovery.  Thank you all!!! xoxo