Tuesday, February 28, 2012


We waited all week to tell the girls about Skipper.  They had tests in school, so we thought it would be in their best interest to wait (also our best interest since we did not want to tell them).  We decided that we would tell them Friday.  When they got home from school they had friends over.  Dave came home from work later, so it was time.  I just didn't want to do it.  How long could we go on saying that he was in the hospital getting fluids?  Apparantely a long time because they did not even ask about him towards the end of the week.  Come to find out, they thought it was a possibility that he had died so they did not ask because that would confirm the unthinkable.  Of course, it goes without saying that it was quite difficult.  The hard part is that we could not protect them from this.  It happened and there was really nothing we could do about it.  That is how death works.  This might sound weird to some of you, but my meditation coach told me that she saw a white dog in a vision with a fluffy snowball type dog.  He was happy and running around.  I never described Skipper to her.  And I have to believe that the fluffy dog is a friend of Skipper's that is still alive.  She told me that he can still play with dogs and people that are alive.  He exists in spirit. 
Our dear friends from NY came to visit over the weekend.  They got here early Saturday morning and stayed until Saturday night.  It really helped keep the girls occupied and happy.  What sweet friends to drive 4 hours each way within a 24 hour period!  It was a beautiful day. 
Sunday we went to Michael's and bought stuff for Skipper's memorial in our backyard.  We also went to the Annapolis SPCA to look their dogs.  We did not come home with anything.  I think we need more time.  The girls are saying that another puppy will help them get over the loss of Skipper.  I think Dave and I need more time.  We set up everything by a tree in our backyard.  We will dedicate the memorial to him today after school.  Julia and Maggie have poems about Skipper that they would like to read.
Last night we became Hoya fans.  We went to the Georgetown/ Notre Dame basketball game.  The Verizon center is in Chinatown DC so we had some authentic Chinese cuisine at Pho DC.  After dinner we walked over the the arena and watched the game. This was our first college basketball game.  Julia missed the slam dunk because she was peeling peanuts.  That was her disappointment for the night!  Georgetown won and we had a great time!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Goodbye Skipper

I'm so sad to report that Skipper has gone to doggie heaven. He was in such a state of pain and unawareness that it was time to let him go. Keeping him alive would have been for us and not him. We knew what the right decision was, but it still was very hard to do. I don't think he would have been happy going in circles for the rest of his life. His neurological symptoms were not improving, but getting worse. He was such a beautiful dog. I don't think he would have been happy not being able to chase birds!
Lots of things are going through our minds right now. If this, if that. How do we tell the girls? What can we do to make this easier on them? What was he feeling? If dogs could talk!
Despite our ordeal with Skipper we still managed to have a lovely time with our visitors. Dave's brother and family flew in for an extended weekend! We did a little sight seeing, a home DIY project, shopped, laughed a lot and even cried some! Oh, we also saw a few snowflakes. It is so nice for the cousins to just PLAY. Really, that's all they want to do anyway. It was also helpful to have the extra hands during our difficult time with Skipper. We really appreciate everyone's support, thoughts and concern this last week. Thank you all for your phone calls and texts.
I hope everyone is having a fabulous Mardi Gras back home! I love seeing pictures of the costumes and floats on Facebook. Glad the weather was nice today for parade goers.  Best to everyone!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Dog Days

The last several days have been pretty rough.  Skipper, our family dog has been sick.  We are not sure what is going on with him.  It could be a couple of different things.  He has been under the care of our Vet since Monday at noon.  He is showing neurological symptoms.  He is only 3 years old.  I have never held back about my feelings for the dog.  I have not been his biggest fan.  David really wanted this particular dog for a very long time.  I was quiting work a few years ago and had the time to care for him, so I gave in and said "yes".  He works hard for our family so I figured it was only fair.  Of course, the girls fell in LOVE with him. He really was the cutest puppy ever.  I just knew that traveling would become very difficult and expensive. And it has.  Boarding him is not cheap.  He needed eye surgery a few weeks after we got him..fun!  The moves have been extremely hard on him as well.  And us, trying to find people to keep him, hotels and rentals to accept him.  Transporting him was not the easiest.  He was really shaken up after the flight from Atlanta to NY.  I'm sure the plane was very noisy and I don't know how cold it was where they were keeping him.  It was in the 20's in NY at the time.  He became aggressive in NY.  I thought maybe it was post traumatic stress disorder.  Anyway,  we have him now. We love him now.  We want him to get better now.  The girls have been through so much change in the last year, we need him to recover.  I don't think they would handle it well if he didn't.  Please say a little prayer for our puppy.  Thank you!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

All Settled In

I'd say we are all settled in. Every box is unpacked and everything is finding a place. I'm not making any promises about how long it's going to say in that place! I'm known around here for putting things "away" and that just so happens to be the last time it was seen. I get in trouble especially if it's an itouch or something of that nature. Those things are so small.
The house is coming along. Dave has painted almost every weekend since the move. He actually let me roll a portion of a room last weekend. Did I mention this was going to be hidden behind a piece of furniture? He can't fool me. Ha! The paint on the walls is helping the house feel more like a home. Still plenty more to do. We are trying to get all of the inside chores done before spring...we have plenty to do in the yard as well! Plenty!
We have had many visitors already and are expecting more next week! We have seen DC from the rooftop of a bus. That was fun! We also visited Arlington National Cemetary and Georgetown. Annapolis is another of our favorites. The Naval Academy is there. We toured that, too! I'm looking forward to spring for many reasons. One being the Cherry Blossom Festival. It's supposed to be gorgeous on the Potomac. There's also the Easter Egg Hunt on the White House Lawn. I need to figure out how we can get into that! I'll keep you posted. Hope all is well wherever you are! I'll try to post more. It has been a ridiculously long time!