Friday, October 5, 2012

County Fair

This past weekend was an eye opener for me! We went to the Calvert County Fair (I say that with a southern drawl, go ahead say it).  It was a huge event with beauty contests, Calvert Idol, best hen, best cow, games, rides, tigers, bear carvings....I could go on and on.  Maggie took a beautiful picture of 2 cows just resting.  They look like the are in love.  Check it out to your right. Maggie performed with her gymnastics group. She loved it!  They did a great job!  So, after the performance we ventured off to see what the hype is all about!  This fair has been around for over 100 years. It was quite impressive as far as the livestock goes.  I was not so impressed with the $$$ racket it became as soon as we walked in the gate.  There was a $5 cover charge and then the rides were $4 and $5 each, for each kid!  Anyway, it was a fun experience.  I'll post a pic of Maggie in her leo (as she refers to them now). We also worked the festival at church.  That was fun.  I absolutely love our church here! Not sure if I said that before.  The kids sang in the chorus, well Julia did, Maggie just moved her lips (and she thought we wouldn't notice).  I'll post a couple of pics from that day as well.  All else is well here in the land of Mary.  Missing all of our family and friends everywhere. Hope everyone is well and enjoying this beautiful fall weather and foliage!