Friday, August 24, 2012

Not So Bummer Summer!

Well, I haven't blogged all summer long! We have been on hyper mode. In the 8 weeks of summer we hosted 6 different families and went on 2 trips. You do the math...pretty much nonstop!The girls also took a trip to New Orleans by themselves. That's a story for another day! The flight attendant calling me AFTER their scheduled departure time was not what I was expecting! Anyway, we were able to see LOTS of old friends!  Yeah, one might say we were kind of busy. I really do enjoy company, good thing! The girls do, too! We have plenty of room and now with the pool we have constant entertainment. We have beaches close by, so looking for shark's teeth on the beach has been a new fun hobby of ours. AND of course there's the Museum of Natural History! My kids have been in it a few (dozen) times. It's one of the best Smithsonians in DC so I really encourage everyone to go while they are here. Well, Maggie has had enough of the big elephant! I understand. Some of our company even helped us with some much needed yard work! That's always nice too, right? Company is also fun because we get to do a lot of sightseeing and eating out. We plan our day around the food we eat! Nothing's wrong with that! We even steamed our own crabs, like they do in this part of the country. They were pretty good, but being from the parish and a fisherman's daughter, I have to say I rather them boiled.

So the girls are back at school and are doing GREAT! I'm so happy for them! Mags was a bit nervous about 4th grade but I think she's alright now. Julia is excited to be a 5th grader. That is the  highest grade at the school so she thinks she is bigtiming it! She has her glasses and will soon have her braces so she's transforming into nerd mode and is very proud of it!  I miss them during the day. I guess it's time for me to get a life. I am awaiting my Maryland teaching certificate, so I have future plans for that. As for now, I'll stick with laundry and dishes. I'll post a few pics of the girls this summer....