Saturday, March 19, 2011

Waiting for Spring

It has been almost a month since I blogged last. We have come a long way in that month. I'm feeling a bit more comfortable in my surroundings. I don't feel so overwhelmingly out of place. I still use the garmin while driving. I'm still trying to work out little things. Like finding a dry cleaner that won't charge me $81 to dry clean Dave's work clothes, for example. I am feeling confident enough to take the train into the city by myself. I met a friend down there for dinner. That was fun. I was excited to do that (and a little proud of myself). Finding a good fabric store is on my list. I still need to get a NY driver's license and plates.

We are back to wearing coats today and may have more snow tonight. Happy spring, right? Dave is lighting us a fire as I type. Most of you have probably been sweating at the ball park all day. We had just a couple of days of nice weather. I'm not bitter. Speaking of nice weather, you know where they have beautiful weather? Yes, Las Vegas. It was so nice for my skin to feel those warm rays of sun. Too bad for all those that had to put up with seeing my pasty white skin, but I had to bask in it while I could. It was great to see our very close friends there. What a great opportunity for us to hook up in Vegas and hang out! We ate, drank and were very merry! The girls were well taken care of by Dave's dad. They really enjoyed their bonding time together!
We also made a quick trip to Baltimore a couple of weeks ago for Dave's work. First time there for me and the girls. We stayed right on the water. Another great city.

My sister came to visit with her children. We enjoyed every minute of that visit. We played in the snow, went ice skating and visited NYC. I was so sad to see them go, but look forward to our time together this summer. We have several other visits planned for family and friends in the near future. So exciting! Looking forward to them all!

Julia is on the mend from Strep. I had to take her to the dr. again. She told me she likes her new dr. I like her too, almost as much as our previous Nurse Kelly. Maggie has been making her rounds around the neighborhood with playdates. She just wants to play, that's all. They were in the tub earlier pretending that their Barbies were mermaids. I love listening to them play. Maggie was pretending that it was her mermaid's sweet sixteen party. So funny.

That naughty leprechaun came to our house again and made a mess of things! The girls love the search for the little guy and see what mischief he is up to. Well, I'll try to write more often. It has been too long. Take care all! Good night.

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