Tuesday, February 7, 2012

All Settled In

I'd say we are all settled in. Every box is unpacked and everything is finding a place. I'm not making any promises about how long it's going to say in that place! I'm known around here for putting things "away" and that just so happens to be the last time it was seen. I get in trouble especially if it's an itouch or something of that nature. Those things are so small.
The house is coming along. Dave has painted almost every weekend since the move. He actually let me roll a portion of a room last weekend. Did I mention this was going to be hidden behind a piece of furniture? He can't fool me. Ha! The paint on the walls is helping the house feel more like a home. Still plenty more to do. We are trying to get all of the inside chores done before spring...we have plenty to do in the yard as well! Plenty!
We have had many visitors already and are expecting more next week! We have seen DC from the rooftop of a bus. That was fun! We also visited Arlington National Cemetary and Georgetown. Annapolis is another of our favorites. The Naval Academy is there. We toured that, too! I'm looking forward to spring for many reasons. One being the Cherry Blossom Festival. It's supposed to be gorgeous on the Potomac. There's also the Easter Egg Hunt on the White House Lawn. I need to figure out how we can get into that! I'll keep you posted. Hope all is well wherever you are! I'll try to post more. It has been a ridiculously long time!

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