Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Dog Days

The last several days have been pretty rough.  Skipper, our family dog has been sick.  We are not sure what is going on with him.  It could be a couple of different things.  He has been under the care of our Vet since Monday at noon.  He is showing neurological symptoms.  He is only 3 years old.  I have never held back about my feelings for the dog.  I have not been his biggest fan.  David really wanted this particular dog for a very long time.  I was quiting work a few years ago and had the time to care for him, so I gave in and said "yes".  He works hard for our family so I figured it was only fair.  Of course, the girls fell in LOVE with him. He really was the cutest puppy ever.  I just knew that traveling would become very difficult and expensive. And it has.  Boarding him is not cheap.  He needed eye surgery a few weeks after we got!  The moves have been extremely hard on him as well.  And us, trying to find people to keep him, hotels and rentals to accept him.  Transporting him was not the easiest.  He was really shaken up after the flight from Atlanta to NY.  I'm sure the plane was very noisy and I don't know how cold it was where they were keeping him.  It was in the 20's in NY at the time.  He became aggressive in NY.  I thought maybe it was post traumatic stress disorder.  Anyway,  we have him now. We love him now.  We want him to get better now.  The girls have been through so much change in the last year, we need him to recover.  I don't think they would handle it well if he didn't.  Please say a little prayer for our puppy.  Thank you!

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