Tuesday, October 25, 2011

So, the kids come home from school, do their homework, then they are out the door. We are lucky enough here to have some woods they can play in. I remember as a child playing in the woods, pretending that was our house, just as my kids are doing now. Boy, That makes me feel old! They are coming back filthy, which I always say is a sign of a good time. I got them walkie-talkies so they can contact me or vise versa. They are still learning how to use them so I over hear Julia saying "hey, you guys hungry? My mom can bring us a snack." Then Maggie uses it as a microphone, so I hear her version of "Apple bottom jeans".
We have been busy with some fun Halloween activities around here. The weather is really nice and cool. I've started volunteering at school here and there. That has given something to do and get me out of this house. We have met a lot of our neighbors at some gatherings. They have all been super nice and welcoming. Speaking of gatherings, there is this awesome store in Annapolis called "Great Gatherings"...I'm in love. I found a Home Goods 45 minutes away. Everything is at least 30 minutes from here. It can be very frustrating. There is a wal-mart close but it is super small. It does not carry much of anything. Dave painted the powder room and I decorated it, so one room down!
Well, hope this finds everyone well! Miss you all!

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