Friday, March 16, 2012

St. Patty's Day

So, work is going well. I love the hours. Another positive about having a job is that it keeps me out of the stores. I have been going straight home after work to eat (because really how do you eat anything with a class of 3 year olds?). The kids are a little challenging but it's just going to take some time for them to understand my expectations. I have to do some lesson planning this weekend, which will be fine. We have a pretty slow weekend. Dave will be out most of it doing St. Patty's Day promotions. People, drink your beer! It feels like spring and it's a major drinking holiday! Lift your red solo cup!
In the past I have always made some type of mess in the house and said that the leprechaun did it! I'm not sure if the kids are going to buy it this year now that they are getting older. I'll try and see. I hope so. I'm really not ready to give up the Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy! Julia is 10. At what age do they figure it out? I'd love to freeze time right now, but I also have to say I'm looking forward to the day when the can watch themselves! Now that I think about, I'd rather pay a babysitter forever! Leaving them alone will make me a nervous wreck!
I just realized we missed the Way of the Cross tonight at church. They also have simple suppers on Fridays during lent. We LOVE our church here. There are a lot of activities for us to get involved in. We got a letter from our priest today asking us if we wanted him to come bless our house and welcoming us to the church. I thought that was nice.
This morning I woke up to the sound of banging metal. A house s being built across the street from ours. Please tell me they are not working on weekends! I'd like to sleep in tomorrow. Yes,those little ones wore me out this week! Wishing everyone a beautiful weekend! Light and love!

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