Monday, February 7, 2011

Feb. 7, 2011

Today is a "normal" day. The girls are off at school, Dave is at work, and I am at home.  I'm glad to have some routine again! One of the pros about this move was that Dave would be home more and not travel as much.  We are so thankful for that.  There was so much that he missed at home because he was always on the road.  I did not have to cook as much, though!  It was much easier feeding the 3 of us....leftovers, ravioli, Pam's house!
The girls got off to school great.  They stayed up a little bit later last night because of the Super Bowl.  We went over to one of Dave's coworker's to watch the first half of the game. The food was fabulous! We had a good time! His coworkers and families are super nice. 
Other than the Super Bowl, our weekend was pretty low key. Dave worked in the garage organizing junk.  I worked inside unpacking junk.  The kids played in the snow.  I found a sled at the Goodwill for $4!  I love a good deal. They had a blast with it.  The temp must be a little higher today. I hear a lot of water coming down the gutters.
Last week Maggie had her first reconciliation.  This is where she goes for the first time with a priest and tells him her sins.  We had to wait a while, LOL.  No, really, she did great. I am so proud of her.  Whenever she spoke to someone that day or the next she would say, "Do you want to talk to someone that is sin-free?"  So cute. I hope they talk fast..LOL. I love the church. It reminds me of my childhood church, San Pedro. It is no longer in operation because of Katrina. I was so moved walking in and seeing the structure and decorations very similar.  It must have been built around the same time.  So we went to mass on Sunday. Julia saw a classmate. I met her mother and now they have a playdate set up for Tuesday.  The kids miss their old friends but are doing a great job making new ones!  One is silver and the other's gold!


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