Tuesday, January 11, 2011

City Slickers

This morning was brutal waking up at 7...but we got a lot done tody.  We went up to register the kids for school. We are still working on getting some paperwork to them.  This snow storm is really holding us up. I needed info from schools and dr's in Atlanta and everything is shut down there.  We will get the storm tomorrow.  Everyone at the school office was very nice and cooperative.  Maggie still wants me to homeschool but I'd rather not. I think she is just a little nervous...and for anyone that knows Maggie, that is not like her. She usually walks in a place like she owns it!  We came back to the room for a bit. Dave went into work and the girls and I decided to venture out again. We had passed a Walmart getting to the hotel several times, so I knew it was there but when we turned the corner.....there was a Barnes and Nobles and Target!!! A bright light shone on this building for me, I swear. The Target was underground, which was neat. Dave failed to mention that those 2 places were a couple of blocks away. We are not really buying anything but it is nice to get out of this room and work off some of our restuarant food.  Which btw we found the BEST little deli today. It looked like a hole in the wall..but you know those are the best.  It was called M and R's Deli. We call it Mr. Deli.  It was in Mt. Kisco.
It is interesting for me to people watch.  This area is very diverse and just different. It's hard to explain. Everyone has things to do and places to go. It's fast paced. You hear all kinds of languages. I think it is good for the kids. When we move up to Somers I don't think it is as diverse, but it is fun for now experiencing it all here.

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  1. For some reason, I love underground shopping! When in Chicago, we found the best little hole in the wall cafe underground!