Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Standers Have Landed

"Today is the big day" Julia said as we woke up bright and early. She had a huge smile on her sleepy face. Maggie walks in with a smile and says "I've been praying". We asked her for what and she says "praying that we have a good day in New York".  Amazingly my children have maintained a positive attitude about this after all we have been through and after all of my anxiety and tears.  I am so thankful for them.  Early this afternoon we landed in White Plains, a small airport.  A car picked us up and the the driver was so nice and welcoming. He said he was so excited for us because he knows what this town has in store for us. That was comforting. He actually lives in the same little town that we will rent in.  Super nice, his wife owns a dance studio and he is a comedian (and driver)!  He dropped us off to Dave's car that was parked not far away from the airport. This is where we lost Julia's luggage, I think. Losing her luggage was not the highlight of the day. I was very upset. Then, I turned on the news and saw where a 9 year old was shot and killed at the Gifford shooting in Arizona. I could have lost my child. So luggage, I can deal with. We then drove to Somers to pass by the house and the schools.  The kids were scouting out the backyards and driveways looking for any signs of play equipment and bikes.  Everything was covered in snow.  It looked like a postcard.  We had lunch there and then drove back to the hotel.  Dave then took Julia to the mall because we lost all of her clothes (she did not mind that trip).  When they returned we had dinner down in the hotel at this Chinese/ Japenese restuarant. Very good.  The girls have been jumping and running around our hotel room.  They are now fast asleep on the pull out sofa, which by the way is super awesome!  My friends in Atl are bracing themselves for a rough snow storm. I hope all is well for them.

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