Thursday, January 13, 2011

We Need An Education and Fast

I did not blog yesterday because not much happened here.  Today marks the 27th day that they children have not been in school.  I have been doing some work with them here and there, but as Julia said last week "we need an education and fast". Today we went up complete the school registration. I am not sure what takes this process so long, but it does.  We have everything turned in and now we are waiting for a phone call from the school.  I drove myself and the girls to Somers, which btw is where they had 16 inches of snow on Tuesday night.  My first time driving here.  Had only 2 minor incidents, so that is good. You really need to be ready to pull off when the traffic light turns green.  You almost need to be moving already when the light turns green. Then I was yelled at by a pedestrian because I had pulled up to far and blocked the crosswalk.  Ooops!  I'll learn.
I got a phone call from the car service that is supposed to transport my car up here.  Dave told me to ask them if they were driving 8 miles per hour to get up here.  My car is in...drumroll......Marietta. Which is about 10 miles maybe from my house in Woodstock.  So, turns out they have not even left Atlanta with it!  To their defense there was a snow/icestorm in Atlanta earlier this week.  They picked it up last Saturday.  We had to rent a car today because Dave had to drive to Phillie and we have an appointment to tour Julia's school tomorrow. 
We went out and made a few groceries at the Wally world.  Made our rounds to the Target and Barnes and Noble.  The girls just can't get enough of the snow.  They HAVE to walk in it and play in it. They just can't help it. The ladies at the front desk of the hotel had cookies ready for the girls when we came through the door this evening.  They are very sweet.  The girls are eating that up! I "cooked" in my kitchenette tonight....ravioli. Glad to not eat out.  Can't wait  to cook a real meal for us....or better yet, have Dave cook a real meal for us!

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  1. Well, if it is any consolation to the girls, they would not have missed any school had they been here! This freakish snow storm we had and especially the very cold, dry weather following it have kept us out of school ALL WEEK. My house has never been this tidy. Love the pic of the girls at the coffee shop!