Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Weather Outside Is Frightful

The low tomorrow is 2 degrees. The cold here is a bitter cold. It is like nothing I've ever experienced.   As long as the windchill is above 15, the children go out to recess at school.   When I grew up in St. Bernard, you could wear shorts most Christmases. So it is quite different. Even in Georgia, Maggie wore a bathing suit under her clothes year 'round. You never know!

It is now the weekend. Dave had to be in Atlanta last week for work and has to be there this week coming for the movers so he just decided to stay.  The girls and I are in the hotel going a bit stir crazy.  Don't get me wrong, I have not made a bed or taken out the trash in 2 weeks. I could get used to that! Yesterday was ok (they had a snow day, AGAIN).  That makes 3 snow days in the last 2 weeks.  More than usual for this area. Even the locals have had enough of the snow. The kids played here and I watched tv all day. Partially because I was bored but partially because I needed a distraction from being homesick. Those Housewives of Atlanta and Beverly Hills can really take your mind off of things. I am happy that he gets to spend the weekend at our home in Woodstock living our normal weekend life, but boy do I wish I was there too.  REALLY BAD. 

I am so happy with their schools and teachers.  I feel very blessed.  They know we are going through a transition and have been so helpful.  The kids are doing great. Way better than I am. They don't seem to mind living in a hotel and they are making new friends at school. Maggie has already been invited to a birthday party tomorrow.  She was in school for a total of one day! It was a great first day. She amazes me. It is at an ice skating rink. I am sure it will be obvious tomorrow that we are souherners. Ha!  Julia has had 2 great days at school. She loves it!
Hopefully next week will be a full school week. I am also getting them registered for Religious Ed.  I think they were hoping to forego that for the rest of the year.  Not happening. Just wait until they find out the class is 1 1/2 hours long! The one at our old church in Woodstock was only an hour long. Well, Maggie is begging me for the computer so that's all for now. I guess I'll see what the Housewives are up to today.  Hey, looks like they are going to be starting Housewives of New York. No one interviewed me! LOL


  1. We will have to set a date night to watch the Housewives of New Orleans! Have a good day.....

  2. I meant to watch housewives of New York....i always have New Orleans on my mind....