Friday, January 14, 2011

To School for Cool

Today we went up to tour Julia's school. We met with the principal and he showed us around. There are about 800 kids there for just 3rd, 4th and 5th grades. Julia is excited. She has the opportunity to play a string insturment this year. When we got home (or got to the hotel), my phone rang and it was Julia's teacher introducing himself.  He seems very nice.  She is excited to have a male teacher. She's never had one before (besides for specials).  I drove myself today, I made a few wrong turns, but the Garmin got us back on track.  Dave got back from Philly (I spelled it right this time) and we went to dinner at a hibachi restuarant around the corner. It was very good.  Maggie says at dinner "It's so amazing to see their talent" speaking of the hibachi cook as he builds his onion volcano. I hope she is always able to see the good in people.  I think that is a gift she has now as a child. I teared up a little at dinner. I just really miss my home and normalcy.  It wasn't like sad tears, it was more like, "I guess this is it" tears. We are here. Moving on. Doing our "new" thing.  Our weekends are usually spent with friends we think of as family. I miss that.
I think we will take the train into the city tomorrow. Yes, NYC! How exciting. I will be sure to post pics. We will see what tomorrow brings.

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